Refurbishment, design, supply and Installation of voice alarm systems:

What is a Voice Alarm System?

A Voice Alarm System enables phased evacuation of a building using live speech or pre-recorded messages. This is used to control the staff and general public in a building where there is an emergency or life-threatening situation. A voice alarm system can advise of the safest means of evacuation from a building as well as for general paging announcements, routine messages such as adverts and background music. Pre-recorded messages are stored within a voice alarm system for emergency purposes. Voice Alarm systems continuously monitor all aspects of the audio signal path, emergency messages and power supply’s and can operate during a mains failure using a self-sufficient battery back supply.

How Tech X Can Help You

Tech X can offer a complete service for Voice Alarm system design and loudspeaker layouts. Our systems are hand built using products that have a proven reliability record in line with the latest regulations for PAVA systems in accordance with BS5839 Pt 8 And EN54-16.

With over 25 years of experience we are engineering specialists in all main PAVA manufactures equipment such as: Baldwin Boxall, Signet, Toa, Ateis etc.

Refurbishment of a PAVA system:

In many cases of PAVA systems, only a few components of a system may need to be replaced in order for it to effectively function. Old or outdated kit can lead to the eventual failure of a system if not well maintained, serviced and tested frequently.

Replacement of a PAVA system:

If necessary Tech X can replace a PAVA system and install the latest equipment in the industry subject to the clients specification. Our experience showcased in our past projects demonstrates our wide area of coverage. Contact Tech X today to discuss your next project.

Unsure of the issue ?

For unknown faults, intermittent failures  or if you are not completely sure of an issue, arrange a Tech X call out to help you understand your problem and discuss a solution with you. We will work you to solve any public adress system issues.

Standards for voice alarm systems

The standards for Voice alarms systems are. BS 5839 Part 8: 2008 (Design, Installation, commissioning and maintenance of emergency voice communications systems) As well as other relevant standards as follows:- BS EN 5839 Part 1  (Design, Installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems). BS EN 54-16  (Design of voice alarm control and Indicating equipment) BS EN 54-24 (Design of voice alarm Loudspeakers)

Voice Alarm systems are recommended by BS5588 for use in multi story buildings over four floors and in all public buildings as it is not possible to carry out fire and evacuation drills to the general public. It has been proven that people will react without confusion or panic in an emergency if they receive a clear intelligible message. Electronic sounders or bells, although they give a warning about an emergency, do not provide details about the emergency situation. Leaving staff and the general public uncertain and confused about the situation and how to react. Without additional instructions, staff and the general public can tend to ignore sounders or bells. A voice alarm system provides intelligible details about the situation which can enable staff and the general public to be evacuated efficiently in a calm and orderly manner.

Voice alarm system refurbishment and design service

Tech X can offer a complete design service for voice alarm systems and loudspeaker coverage with qualified practical design expertise. We also have extensive experience in voice alarm system refurbishments and can assist in the entire process to ensure the a new system is put in up to regulations and the customers specification.

Find out more about voice alarm system refurbishments that Tech X can offer in our recent blog post by clicking the link Voice Alarm System Refurbishment.

Voice alarm system commissioning and maintenance

Tech X can provide voice alarm system commissioning and system maintenance including routine inspections in accordance with BS5839 Pt8 and EN54. Regular system maintenance for audibility and speech intelligibility is a requirement of the these standards and helps ensure that systems are kept fully functional in preparation for emergency evacuations etc.

Voice Alarm Systems installed and maintained by Tech X Audio include: Baldwin Boxall – EVAS routers, VIGIL2 & VIGIL3, Vigilon Voice Alarm, Elipse4, Eclipse5, SigNET SS2N, AVAC, LinX, Integrity, Bosch – EVAX25E, EVAX50E, EVAX100E, EVAX150E & EVAX200E, Toa – FS-7000, VM-3000   SX-2000, VX-2000 & VN2000 Current Thinking – DCA4 Digital matrix router, PERMA 4 amplifier’s & ALP paging consoles. CAMEO – PRISM Ateis – Terracom, IDA8 Networkable PAVA ASL – VIPEDIA, & VAR 

To book an engineer please call Tech X on 0845 6447555

Over the past 25 years, Tech X have become industry experts and leaders in the design, installation, and repair of a wide range of voice alarm and public address systems. Our engineers are experienced with most industry leading equipment, but are also specialist’s in bespoke systems. We have a huge amount of expertise working on a large variety of complex systems so you can be rest assured that our senior technicians will be familiar with your set up and be the best equipped to rectify any issues.

The team at Tech X takes pride and passion in the work they carry out to deliver voice alarm system solutions to our customers. We work hard to maintain the reputation we have built up by working to the highest of standards through the design, installation, commissioning, and follow up service helping us to build long lasting relationships with our customers. We work tirelessly to deliver above and beyond expectations and to ensure our customers are always left completely satisfied with our work.

We are also experts in the latest industry standards allowing us to provide consultation to clients in replacing and refurbish existing public address and voice alarm systems (PAVA systems) in order to achieve compliancy with the latest regulations for PAVA systems in accordance with BS5839 Pt 8, EN54-16 and EN54-24.

For unknown or if you are not completely sure of an issue to your PAVA system, arrange a Tech X call out to help you understand your problem and discuss a solution with you.

We also provide 24 hour, 7 day ongoing system support for all voice alarm systems.


If you have a project you would like to discuss please get in touch!