Find out more about our Background Music Systems

Background music systems can be used to distribute music throughout a building or separate areas.
Individual loudspeakers may be set and finely tuned according to the ambient noise level in each room.
Each area or zone can be assigned to a different music source if required and zone volume levels can be adjusted independently.

Local volume controllers can be installed for personnel preference in each room.
Discreet ceiling loudspeakers or wall mount cabinets can be utilised to enhance the listening experience.
Areas can have their own local inputs for microphones and music such as in meeting rooms, fitness studios, swimming pools and assembly halls etc.
Our systems are hand built using products that have a proven reliability recorded.

Background music systems are installed to meet the following standard:
BS6259: Code of practice for the design, planning, testing and maintenance of sound systems.

Music servers
We can interface to music servers for distributed background music and advert transmission.

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Tech X audio engineers are members of the of the Institute of sound and communications engineers federation, AES and electro technical certification scheme.

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