Induction loop systems transmit an audio signal to a listener’s hearing aid using a magnetic field.
The magnetic field is picked up by the listeners hearing aid and can enable the user to receive intelligible sound with greatly reduced background noise.
Any sound source such as a church, classroom or meeting room microphone can be used to transmit sound to the installed induction loop system.
Counter systems can be used to help receptionists or cashiers to communicate with persons with impaired hearing.

A copper wire induction loop is installed in the area to be covered and can be available at all times 24 hours a day.
Any hearing aid with a T or MT switch will be able to receive an induction loop signal.

Local area input plates can be installed to provide users with practical solutions for transmission of voice or recorded media such as from projectors or an audio visual display.

Induction loop systems are designed to meet the following Standards:
BS7594 (code of practice for audio frequency induction loop systems)
EN60118-4 (Magnetic field strength in induction loop systems for hearing aid purposes).

Design service
Tech X can offer a complete service for induction loop system design, installation and system commissioning.

System support
We can provide 24 hour, 7 day ongoing system support for all induction loop systems.

Induction loop systems installed and supported by Tech X include: Ampetronic, Current thinking and Signet.


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Tech X audio engineers are members of the of the Institute of sound and communications engineers federation, AES and electro technical certification scheme.

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