Installation of PA Tannoy Systems:

What is a Public Address?

Public Address Systems, PA Systems or “Tannoy” systems can be used to transmit public announcements throughout a building or to individual areas on a zone by zone basis.

Public address systems can also include class change timers for schools using a siren, bell or any other sampled sound required. Background music can be added to any public address system.

Various music sources can be transmitted to all loudspeaker zones or individual zones.

Levels can be adjusted independently to suit the environment with override facilities to mute background music when paging microphones are in use.

Public address systems are installed to meet the following standard BS6259: Code of practice for the design, planning, testing and maintenance of sound systems.

Audio over IP

Paging intercoms systems can be configured using IP audio solutions from a small 2 Station system up to very large systems.
IP audio systems are designed to meet the following standard.
BS EN 62455: 2011 – Internet protocol (IP) and transport stream (TS) based service access

Design service

Tech X can offer a complete service for public address system design and loudspeaker layouts. Our systems are hand built using products that have a proven reliability record.

System support

We can provide 24 hour, 7 day ongoing system support for all Public address and background music systems.

Public address systems installed and supported by Tech X Audio include:

Cloud: Z4 & Z8 Mixers, DCM1e mixers, CXA & VTX Amplifiers, CMPrange microphones.
TOA: A-1000, A-2000, Q-A-2000, RMS200MS, VM-2000 & VM3000 range
Adastra: DB, CA, CM and RS series
InterM: PPA, PAM, PMU & RM series
Audac: R2 Multizone matrix, M2 digital mixer, MTX routing matrix, CPA & CAP amplifiers and APM microphones.

To discuss your project with Tech X please get in touch!

Tech X audio engineers are members of the of the Institute of sound and communications engineers federation, AES and electro technical certification scheme.

Audio Engineering Society
electrontechnical certificate scheme
Safe Contractor
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