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What is a Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) system?

PAVA systems include microphones, amplifiers, speakers, and supporting equipment designed to augment voice, music, and warnings to the public located within a building or facility. This type of public address system utilises the human voice, musical instruments, and other acoustic or recorded sound for public broadcast.

In most cases, this type of system comes with a mixing console that allows for multiple channels to be used. The channels are usually divided into different inputs for microphones, music, and other sources.

The multiple channels and control of the speakers means that the PAVA system can be used across the entirety of the structure or specific locations inside the property to inform those inside of important information, play music, or provide other news, adverts or entertainment.

How Tech X Can Help You

Tech X can replace and refurbish existing public address and voice alarm systems (PAVA systems) in line with the latest regulations for PAVA systems in accordance with BS5839 Pt 8 And EN54-16.

With over 25 years of experience we are engineering specialists in all main PAVA manufactures equipment such as: Baldwin Boxall, Signet, Toa and Cloud.

Refurbishment of a PAVA system:

In many cases of PAVA systems, only a few components of a system may need to be replaced in order for it to effectively function. Old or outdated kit can lead to the eventual failure of a system if not well maintained, serviced and tested frequently.


Replacement of a PAVA system:

If necessary Tech X can replace a PAVA system and install the latest equipment in the industry subject to the clients specification. Our experience showcased in our past projects demonstrates our wide area of coverage. Contact Tech X today to discuss your next project.


Unsure of the issue ?

For unknown or if you are not completely sure of an issue to your PAVA system, arrange a Tech X call out to help you understand your problem and discuss a solution with you.

PAVA systems installed and supported by Tech X Audio include:

Baldwin Boxall: Tech X are a qualified specialist for all BB equipment
Cloud: Z4 & Z8 Mixers, DCM1e mixers, CXA & VTX Amplifiers, CMPrange microphones.
TOA: A-1000, A-2000, Q-A-2000, RMS200MS, VM-2000 & VM3000 range
Adastra: DB, CA, CM and RS series
InterM: PPA, PAM, PMU & RM series
Signet: Tech X are a qualified specialist for all Signet equipment
Audac: R2 Multizone matrix, M2 digital mixer, MTX routing matrix, CPA & CAP amplifiers and APM microphones.

Routine maintenance visits

Regular system maintenance for audibility and speech intelligibility is a required to help ensure that systems are kept fully functional in preparation for emergency evacuations etc.

See Voice Alarm System Commissioning and Maintenance for more details on routine maintenance visits.

System support

We also provide 24 hour, 7 day ongoing system support for all voice alarm systems.

To book an engineer please call Tech X on 0845 6447555

Check out our latests PAVA system refurbishment projects and news below.

Voice alarm system refurbishments

Voice alarm system refurbishments

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Tech X audio engineers are members of the of the Institute of sound and communications engineers federation, AES and electro technical certification scheme.

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